TextLab - assistant at work with the plain text

TextLab - your universal assistant at work with any plain text editor. It is not a text editor program, in the usual sense. This is special extension of all text editors which are available on your computer, since Notepad and finishing Visual Studio and MS Office applications.

TextLab gives additional possibilities on formatting and transformation of the text in an operating time with any editor. To transform a fragment of the text by means of TextLab, it is enough to select this text fragment and to press one of the predefined combinations of keys (hot keys). You can take advantage also to the special popup menu giving access to all TextLab operations.

It is especially useful TextLab at work with the elementary editors of the text (on similarity notepad), аt plain text resume drawing up, and also on Web-pages in the Internet while filling of various forms, questionnaires, at conducting blogs, at IM-chatting...

In whatever editor you worked, TextLab will always help to execute routine operations!

To extend action set of TextLab you can use any existing console application or develop your own. It is sufficient that the application has taken the source text from stdin and gave the result text to stdout. For example, you can create a console application working through the Web-service. It opens for you the opportunity to combine the convenience of working with TextLab with a wealth of functionality of text processing Web-services.

If you have your own text processing technology, published through the Web-service, then TextLab provide a convenient and efficient way to access your services from any text editor on computers of your clients.

Grow your business with TextLab!