Align and Justify

For formatting of paragraphs TextLab gives 4 operations: Align Left, Align Right, Align Center, Justify.

Paragraph formatting is carried out for two steps

  1. Move the first line of the paragraph in the necessary position across. Thereby, you set the future horizontal position (left edge) of a rectangle, in which limits formatting will be carried out. The right edge is set in program options (Text Width parameter).
  2. Select all the line long the paragraph and execute one of operations of formatting by means of the popup menu or on hotkeys.

One operation of formatting it is possible to format at once some paragraphs.
All of them will be formatted with uniform right and left borders.

There is a possibility at formatting of several paragraphs to set to each of them the, individual left border (indent). For this purpose it is necessary to include adjustment «Keep paragraph left border». At performance of such operation, the left edge of each paragraph, will correspond to initial position of the first line of this individual paragraph.

To resolve to each paragraph has an individual space happens it is necessary at formatting of hierarchical texts (multilevel lists).