Operations from the given section will transform the text only in that its part which consists from whitespaces. Words of a substantial part of lines and comments in the end of lines remain not changed.

At performance of this action the group of blanks in the beginnings of lines (in indent) are replaced with tabulation symbols. The part of a line following the first non-whitedpace symbol, remains invariable. Appearance of the text completely remains.
Operation replaces tabulation symbols in the beginnings of lines with sequences of blanks. The quantity of the inserted blanks is defined by the Tab size option. The part of a line following the first non-whitespace symbol, does not change. Appearance of the text completely remains.
Increase /decrease indent
Operation adds (deletes) in the beginning of lines group of whitespaces (the size of group is defined by Tab size option), increasing (reducing) thereby a space of the text from a left edge.
Move right/left
Operation adds (deletes) one blank in the beginning of lines, shifting thereby the text to the left(right) on one position.
Operation replaces groups of whitespaces between words, leaving from each group a one blank. The indent is keeped.

Operations formatting on the centre, to the right or with alignment on width add in the text much пробельных symbols from which in certain cases happens it is necessary to get rid. Style of formatting of initial tests of programs with columns, is comprehensible not in all cases. In the course of mass correction of the text happens useful to get rid of superfluous "water" in the text. This operation just allows to make it.

Upon termination of editing of its text it is possible to format again in the form of columns or in the form of the levelled paragraphs by means of corresponding operations TextLab (Align, Justify, N columns, etc).

Trim Trailing Spaces
Operation deletes groups of whitespaces in the ends of lines. The lines containing only one whitespaces are cleared (they become empty). Appearance of the text completely remains.

Symbols deleted by these operation, as a rule, are absolutely not necessary and represent "garbage". Application of this operation at the finish your work on the text, will make your text more compact and accurate.