As well as all action parametres, the options concerning formatting of lists are set in dialogue "Options" on a tab "Parameters".

Text Type
For successful work with TextLab it is very important in program options correctly to establish a kind of text ( Text Type ) with which you work.

If you work with technological, formal language choose from the list approaching or the closest on syntax (for example, "C/C ++/C #/Java" ). If you edit texts in natural (human) language, put an option "No  Syntax" .
Default value – «No Syntax».

Default column amount
If you most often use tables with certain quantity of columns (for example more often, your columns have 3 columns) to you this quantity of columns value by default will be convenient to make. Will carry out construction of such tables easier, pressing, a combination Ctrl+Alt+1 (operation N Columns ).

Default value – 3.