This command allows to receive statistical parametres of the text selected in any editor - count of lines, words, symbols , including symbols without blanks.

Following parametres are in addition counted up:

Aligning spaces
Count of of blanks in a significant part of a line which are added for text alignment on width or for formation of columns.
Tab saved spaces
Count of of blanks which can be removed, as a result of action Tabify.

Value of this parametre distinct from zero says that you apply tabulation not everywhere consistently, and that it is required to apply operation Tabify repeatedly.

Trailing spaces
Blanks in the end of lines or the lines entirely consisting from whitespaces.
Accurately made text should not contain such symbols. These symbols can be removed by action Trim Trailing Spaces.
The algorithm of calculation of words depends on the Text Type option. Count of tab saved depends on the Tab Size option.