Can TextLab be useful for you?

Are you working in an environment with rich features of text formatting and editing? Do you actively use multiple fonts, easily insert into your texts lists, tables, and graphics? Do your text editor almost everything that you need? But if something is needed beyond its capacity, you can use the script-based automation service?

We are sincerely glad for you. But we are unlikely to be able to make your work even more convenient. We had a pleasant your visit. And now press “ALT + Left Arrow” keys. Good luck!

Our product is for those who work with texts in difficult conditions.

  • Are you enforced entering text in a variety of situations in different programs, on different sites, on different pages in the Internet? Are you tired of this set of editors and of their diverse system commands? Are you craving constancy? Do you want to rid of asking: “Where is I am now? What is the manner of operation performance in this text editor?”

  • Are you enforced to work in simplest text editor that is not very convenient for you (Oh these terrible corporate standards!). Of course, you have a reasonable editor and you (by stealth!) use it. But texts constantly are moving between this editor and that one.

  • You prefer the simplest and easiest, the most versatile and reliable text format that clearly across the network and is guaranteed to be understood by any person and any program. This is a simple plain text (ASCII or UNICODE format).

  • You prefer fonts with constant character width, because of their reliability and predictability of outcome. Your favorite font is “Courier New”.

  • Text processing algorithms that you use, so varied that you would love to use the powerful text transformation that provide utilities awk and sed, programming language PHP and Perl (and maybe even use XSLT technology). But these programs are running from the command line and are designed for batch processing of text, and you need to perform operations interactively, manually, without leaving your editor.

In short, you are the one whose work with text is not in simple terms and conditions. You are like ranger in computer world. Your task is to effectively perform a task in any conditions. That is why you so highly appreciate reliability, versatility and simplicity, flexibility and power.

We guess that you're an IT-expert, software engineer. Probably you are system administrator or DBA, and probably web-content manager. Perhaps we didn't even suspect, what is your work.

We hope that TextLab can help you.